Joining the League

To be able to participate in the Prediction League you need to create a user profile. This is created by selecting the "Sign Up" link at the top of the page.

You must enter a valid email address to join the prediction league. This is used to have your password mailed to you should you forget it, and, if you choose, to send prediction reminders and notifications.

You will be asked to choose a display name; this is for us to use in the prediction league standings and on your profile page.

You will also have to enter a password. This is to ensure no-one else can change your predictions.

Scoring System Explained

The Predict the Football scoring system works as follows:

  • 3 points for predicting an exact score
  • 1 point for predicting the correct result (ie. you correctly predict the winner, or you correctly predict a draw, but by the wrong number of goals).
  • 2 point bonus for predicting the correct result if that result was predicted by less than 20% of your competitors.
  • 2 point bonus for predicting the exact score if that score was predicted by less than 5% of your competitors.

If two people are level on points their position in the table will be determined by goal difference

  • For each incorrect number of goals you predict per team, you lose the difference in goals. e.g. you predict 3 and the team scores 2, you get -1 goals.
  • For each correct teams number of goals you score, you receive a positive goal difference based on the following scale:
  • You predict 0 or 1 goals and the team scores 0 or 1, you receive +1 goal difference.
  • You predict 2 goals or more and the team scores that number, you receive double the number of goals predicted, ie. you predict 3 and the team scores 3, you get +6 goal difference.

Deleting your data

If you want to delete your data from our systems, you can do so by logging in and going to the following link:


We will always attempt to ensure that all kick-off times are correct, and all other information is as accurate as possible. However, if any player attempts to profit from an inaccuracy by altering predictions after a game has begun, their prediction for that game will be declared null and void.

Please be aware that all prediction times are logged - so we will always be able to tell if you have changed a prediction after a match has begun.